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Marseille Soap Cube 300g - 72% Vegetable oil

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The legend speaks of a recipe born on the shores of the Mediterranean during the Crusades. It is said that settlers brought back from their expedition to Syria an ancestral recipe for a soap made from bay laurel oil, olive oil and water. 

It was with this soap that women went to the wash house to do their laundry. Its strong degreasing power is still appreciated today as well as the softness it leaves on the laundry. It is fragrance free and hypoallergenic. 

Based on vegetable oils, without coloring, without perfume and without synthetic product. Our white Marseille soap cube is recommended for gently washing all textiles. 72% vegetable oil.


Sodium palmate, Aqua (water), Sodium Palm Kernelate,Chlorure de sodium, Hydroxyde de sodium