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Care Package Gift Set



This gift set includes

  • Organic Argan Oil Soap 100g - Lavender Broyee (Crushed Lavender)
  • 30ml Prickly Pear Hand Cream

Our Care package is the perfect gift for Kris Kringle!

The 30ml Prickly Pear Hand Cream is enriched with organic Rosehip oil.

It is regenerating and antioxidant, and helps fight against aging of the skin by restoring tone and radiance.

Organic prickly pear extract protects, nourishes and promotes the natural repair process of your skin. It restores firmness and tone.

This cream helps to soften and protect the skin. A unique formula with restorative and firming properties for firmer and more toned skin.

A repairing, protective, nourishing and hydrating treatment that will leave your hands soft, beautiful and radiant, they will give off a discreet floral, fruity and slightly musky scent.

  • without PARABEN
  • without MIT / MCIT
  • without SILICONE
  • without EDTA & BHT

The ingredients used in the creams are 92% of the ingredients of natural origin.

Our Organic Argan Oil Soap 100g - Crushed Lavender. Its light and unctuous foam and its delicate perfume offer you a moment of well-being. Our soap contains crushed lavender, making it a gentle and natural exfoliating treatment for your skin. Lavender has recognized virtues antiseptic and relaxing which you can enjoy.

With its neutral Ph, it is suitable for all skin types.


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