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FREE SHIPPING West Malaysia min. spend of RM150. East Malaysia min. spend of RM300. As of 1 Feb 2023 our outlet at The Gardens Mall is no longer operating and we now operate exclusively online.

Recycling Program T&C

Recycling Program T&C
Reduce, Recycle & Reclaim is part of La Maison du Savon de Marseille Malaysia’s long-term initiative to reduce waste and give your used and empty product containers a new life!
Get rewarded with a 15% off discount on regular priced items when you bring in your empty La Maison du Savon de Marseille packaging and containers to our store at The Gardens Mall!
List of acceptable product containers

Face Care:
Any Face Cream/ Night cream containers
Micellar Water containers
Donkey Milk Cleansing Milk containers
Serum jars
Any beard oil jar
Body Care:
Any body lotion containers
Body butter containers
Oil spray containers
Massage oil containers
Body spray container
Any liquid soap bottle
Any shower cream or gel bottle
Any foaming bath or bath salt container
Any Alum stone container
Any body scrub container
Any hand/ foot cream container
Hair Care:
Any liquid shampoo container
Home products:
Any liquid soap/ detergent bottle
Any essential oil bottle
Any shaving soap container
*Note we do NOT accept paper and cardboard packaging of soaps, gift set packaging or paper boxes/ wrapping
Terms & Conditions:
  • Ensure that that the containers are clean and free of any product.
  • You may wash the bottles with warm water and soap to remove any leftover product.
  • Ensure the containers are dry.
  • Present them to our staff and redeem your discount.
  • 15% off discount must be redeemed within the same day that the empty product containers are redeemed at our store.
  • Only one empty container/ packaging can be redeemed per transaction.
  • Our staff and management reserve the right to reject product containers if the conditions of our Reduce, Recycle & Reclaim program are not met or otherwise.