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The city of Marseille began manufacturing the soap in the 12th century, using pure olive oil from Provence. The city’s workshops struggled to meet the strong demand for its soap from across Europe.

In 1660, Marseille’s seven soap workshops produced 20,000 tonnes of soap, sold in the form of 5 kg cubes, and 20 kg loaves. In 1688, an edict from Louis XIV, stipulated that Marseille soap should contain only pure vegetable oils and no animal fats. Today, due to the lack of a specific geographical ‘appellation’, the number of Marseille soap factories has decreased dramatically: from 122 in the early 20th century, to less than five in Marseille area.


The Production

Authentic Marseille soap is made in a cauldron, according to a specific method of saponification involving 5 steps, the full process takes from seven to ten days. 



Mild, natural, effective and gentle on the skin. Recommended by dermatologists as an alternative for those with skin problems.

Also recommended for washing delicate fabrics (lace, silk, woolens, baby linens). Environmentally friendly: most soaps and shower gels are made from animal products or derived from petroleum products. Marseille soap are made only from the purest vegetable oils: olive, coconut and palm oil.

Containing no phosphates or synthetic products, it contributes to the health and sustainability of the environment.

Cost savings: it lasts twice as long as regular soap, making it an economical purchase.

As a stain remover: rubbing stains with damp soap before washing allows more effective treatment by synthetic detergents.


Discover our Marseille best sellers

  • Marseille soap blocks : Ideal for a bath massage after exercise or for use under a mattress to prevent cramping.
  • Marseille cubes: Our cubes made in the Marseille region are reputed for their high vegetable oil content (72%), and stamps on the six cube faces.
  • Stain Remover soap: ‘Magical' soap used against stubborn stains (chocolate, oil...)