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Argan Oil


Oil from the Argan tree has been used for many centuries. An integral part of the history of Morocco where it flourished, the tree has become emblematic of this region.

The Berbers of ancient Morocco used this oil for its nutritional and medicinal qualities and for cosmetics.

Nowadays, the exploitation of the argan oil is a real economic issue but overexploitation is also a danger to its survival


The Production

The process of harvesting almonds remains unchanged from ancient times, with only the most difficult manual steps automated. 

Almonds are grilled in a roaster and pressed by a mechanical press, with no chemicals added. It is then decantered, filtered and bottled, generating a traditional amber-coloured Argan oil with a roasted almond base. If the kernels are not roasted, the result is an aesthetic yellowish gold "cold pressed" oil "based on unroasted kernels".



From birth to adulthood, the oil is ubiquitous in the lives of Berbers, who use it:

  • To massage the bodies of infants and babies
  • To assist in healing chickenpox spots
  • To treat adolescent acne,
  • To rub the bellies of pregnant women to soften the skin and prevent stretchmarks
  • To massage rheumatic joints (Berbers say the oil can "warm" the joints).
  • Its anti-aging properties make it ideal for long-term skin use.


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