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Alum Stone


In the Middle Ages, alum was used in the textile industry to freeze colors on fabrics.

In the 17th century, alum, mixed with lime and milk, was used to coat homes made of wood to form an impervious and solid layer.

The potassium alum commonly called "potassium alum stone" differs from Ammonium Alum stone made from residues and bad products quality (ammonium salts) from the "heavy" industry.

Potassium alum stone (potassium alum) is the purest potash in the world. It is composed of 100% natural alunite.

Alum stone is safe for health because the negative ionic charge of potassium alum and its particular molecular structure prevent the skin from absorbing potassium, this which makes it harmless, unlike ammonium alum.



The stone is natural without perfume. It destroys the bacteria responsible for bad odour. In the event of a micro cut, it stops the bleeding immediately.

Besides that, it act as an antiseptic and astringent agent. Therefore it can be used as a deodorant. Alum stone soothes sunburn too. 

The alum will become the essential to your personal hygiene, giving you a feeling of freshness. This product is recommended for face, underarm, legs and feet.


How to use

Wet the Alum stone under cold water and apply to the area to be treated. Make sure to clean the stone after each use to keep the stone healthy. 

Upon application, a light transparent film of mineral salts is deposited on the area with 24 hours of protection.


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