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Shea Butter with Organic Argan 150ml



Good for the body and the hair, it is a real care nourishing and repairing. Shea butter has been used by African women for generations to protect the body and hair from drying out. 

It is a vegetable butter extracted from the fruits of shea, a tree growing in the African savannah. Shea butter contains vitamins for hair and skin.

It's a must-have product in your bathroom. Whether for hair, face or body, shea butter is a real care, found in many products in cosmetics.

Our pure shea butter is 100% natural, concentrated in active nutrients for dry skin and damaged hair. Rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, shea butter is an excellent alternative to anti-wrinkle creams because it stimulates cell renewal. It is also very effective for treating cracks, chapped hands and even stretch marks. It soothes the skin from sunburn.

For the hair: as a mask, apply from the scalp to the roots, leave to act, then rinse. Creamed, rub the butter in your hands and apply to the damaged ends. For very dry hair, take an oil bath by lightly applying the butter from the scalp. For the body: massage until the product penetrates.

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Cheap and really good quality - Impressive result on my skin

Love the smell

Good products

Smell just nice and not too strong. Already try it for 2 weeks and it didn't make the skin too oily